Rubs & Sauces

Here at Pits N Grills, we only carry rubs and sauces that we consider to be the best. All the brands we carry are delicious and award-winning. While we can’t tell you which of these brands taste the best, we can certainly suggest something when you come in our store. If they weren’t delicious, we wouldn’t carry them! Come in and grab some of the best rubs, sauces, brines, injections, and wing dusts around.


The proper rubs and spices can make or break your grilling masterpiece and produce the rave reviews you crave. Pits N Grills offers a complete line of rubs for all varieties of meats, fish and fowl from championship-winning brands like Eat Barbecue, Killer Hogs, Meat Church and more!


Many grill creations seem fine “as is” coming off the flame … but some folks might like that extra touch, whether for basting or as a table sauce afterward. Pits N Grills is your home base for the Ozarks’ top selection of quality BBQ sauces from famous makers like Blues Hog, Eat Barbecue, Kosmos and many others!


Speaking of providing that extra special touch … nothing can retain moisture and add flavor to your meat like a great injection, and Pits N Grills has them. Kosmos, Meat Church, Oakridge and others can take your next cook to the next level!

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