Horizon Offset Smokers

Classic smoker design with high-quality materials have been the Horizon trademark for years. Their products are sturdy, reliable, and built to last. Built with heavy gauge ¼” steel ensures your Horizon smoker will serve you for years to come. Horizon’s founder, Roger Davidson, has spent decades producing high-quality smokers that takes BBQ to the next level. In fact, he manufactured over 2 million smokers and has won 3 world championships. When Davidson started Horizon in 2002, it became the world wide gold standard for offset firebox smokers. Pits N Grills is proud to supply this staple of the smoker industry at our store. It’s easy to speak for the quality of a brand when the product is this good!

A BBQ Gold Standard

Whether you need a low temperature for slow smoking or high temperatures for grilling, the Horizon smoker can meet the challenge. American-built, these smokers are some of the most trusted cooking appliances around. Coming in a variety of sizes, Horizon smokers can feed a couple or an entire family at a reunion. The taste of great, smoked barbecue can’t be beaten, so make sure you’re using the best smoker possible to achieve that delicious flavor.

Built to Last

The Horizon smoker was designed with the consumer in mind. Most models come with a condiment shelf for ease of use, a lower shelf for storage, and a cleaning tool for easy ash removal. Wheels make it easier to transport. High-quality steel is fabricated by the finest metal fabricators around to make sure you get the high-grade construction consumers have come to expect from Horizon products. Best of all, there’s no assembly required, so you can get right to cooking!

Get Your Horizon Smoker Today

Pits N Grills offers a number of products from the Horizon line. We know how important quality is when it comes to smokers, and that’s why we highly recommend Horizon products. Our experienced staff will help you find the perfect Horizon product to make your smoking experience a success!