The Gateway Drum Smoker

One of the newest additions to the barbecue world, the Gateway Drum Smoker is already creating a legacy of its own. Created in Washington, MO, in 2012, the Gateway has been a dominating force in the competition world. This smoker has become the go-to for people needing a quick and reliable smoker. Pits N Grills carries this fantastic piece of equipment in our store, and we couldn’t be more excited to offer you this awesome product!

A Unique Smoker

The Gateway Drum Smoker is unique in both appearance and features. The amazing thing about the Gateway is its ability to save you time. Creator Tim Scheer was able to create a smoker that eliminates the need for overnight pit tending. Gone are the times where you have to spend long arduous hours trying to achieve perfect flavor.  You can now achieve better results in half the time compared to traditional methods. You can achieve this effect by cooking the food directly over the fire, which allows the fat to drip on the charcoal. This creates an airborne marinade that gives you the incredible open pit flavor you desire. The Gateway Drum Smoker, along with the hot and fast technique, has revolutionized the smoker industry.

Competition Quality from the Comfort of Home

This competition-crushing smoker is now available for you to have in your own backyard. You too can make mouth-watering competition quality barbecue from the comfort of your home. These smokers are also made with high-quality materials and manufactured with care right here in the USA. This attention to detail ensures your investment lasts you for years. Delicious food in half the time is a combination that can’t be beaten.

Get Your Drum Smoker from Pits N Grills

Pits N Grills is proud to supply the Gateway Drum Smoker in our stores. Come check out our selection and talk to our staff of grill experts. In addition to the Gateway Drum Smoker, we offer a variety of smokers and grills that are sure to meet the needs of any pit master. Come into Pits N Grills today!