Pits N Grills Wood Fuels

If you love the smoky aroma and flavors of natural wood, then a visit to Pits N Grills is a must. Great for fire pits or traditional wood smokers, wood locks in a smoky flavor that you just can’t get with plain charcoal, gas grills, or pellets. We agree that wood gives you the best smoky flavor, but it takes a careful eye to smoke your meat to the perfect moistness.

Pits N Grills sells wood in just the right size for your fire pit or your wood smoker. Our wood fuels will infuse your food with any flavor you prefer. We carry only the high-quality brands and their most flavorful products. Read on for a description of the wood we carry.

Vaughn Wood Products

Vaughn Wood Products produces quality gourmet wood chunks, competition wood chunks, and wood chips. You can choose the wood that matches the needs of your outdoor cooking device (fire pit, grill, or smoker). You can choose wood based on the flavors you want in your food as well, and you know you will get high-quality wood with Vaughn Wood Products. They get their product out only a few weeks after harvesting the wood, so you know your fuel is fresh.


You can never go wrong with Weber. Not only do they make high-quality grills but they also prepare some of the finest wood chips and chunks around. At Pits N Grills, we carry a huge selection of Weber wood, so you can find the perfect flavor for the occasion.

Big Green Egg

A great additive to their charcoal, Big Green Egg smoking chips add even more flavor and smoke to the mix of natural charcoal. These work great with all grills, not just Big Green Eggs. Get the nice even burn of charcoal with the added aroma of wood. This allows you to perfectly cook your meat and give it the best flavor.

Wood Fuels at Pits N Grills

Pits N Grills can satisfy all of your barbecuing needs, including the best BBQ fuels in the industry. If you’re an experienced smoker or just a part-time backyard griller, the crew at Pits N Grills would love to help get you the products you need. Let Pits N Grills help you take your BBQ game to the next level with the finest BBQ fuels, grills, and techniques.