Pits N Grills Charcoal Selection

Many people can’t help but think of charcoal when they think of standing out on the back porch with a beer in their hand and grilling their favorite steaks under a setting sun. Charcoal infuses your food with a delicious smoky flavor you can’t get with a gas grill. For centuries, people have been creating charcoal in order to cook with it. Charcoal burns at a more constant temperature and much longer than regular wood; this made charcoal ideal before the time of electric pellet grills. If you are passionate about grilling in general and barbecuing with charcoal in particular, you might want to head on down to Pits N Grills to grab one of these awesome charcoal products.

Blues Hog

Perfectly suited not only for backyard and patio bashes but also for barbecue competitions, Blues Hog charcoal burns for a long time. The natural ingredients provide excellent flavor, and you can trust this charcoal to produce great results. Blues Hog takes premium to the next level with fuel that will make your barbecue taste fantastic.

Big Green Egg

Only 100% hickory and American oak wood make up Big Green Egg lump charcoal. You can start cooking in ten minutes when you grill with Big Green Egg, and the natural compounds found in their charcoal help it burn hotter. No chemicals mean a cleaner taste and less odor. The cleaner scent of the smoke allows the meat to develop its own natural, signature flavor without overwhelming you with a charred taste. Big Green Egg charcoal has no unnatural additives, so it is healthier, too. The best part: you don’t need to own a Big Green Egg to use this charcoal. It works for all different types of grills and smokers.

Find The Charcoal You Need at Pits N Grills

Pits N Grills has a great selection of barbecue pits and barbecue grills. If you need charcoal, pellets, or wood fuel for your barbecue grill, Pits N Grills has you covered. You can compare top-of-the-line Weber grills with Big Green Egg with American Outdoor Grills. Decide for yourself whether you prefer pellet grills or charcoal, or ask our expert staff for assistance in making your decision.  Pits N Grills is your one-stop shop for all things barbecue. Become a grill master in no time with our accessories, grills, smokers, and fuel.