Pits N Grills Pellets

What pellet fuels lack in their rough and ready quality, they more than make up for in offering delicious smoky flavor. Pellets tend to give off a fantastic smoky aroma that your grill then sears deep into your favorite meats. Perfect for smoking food for hours, pellets provide a delicious alternative to charcoal. A lot of the best smokehouses use wood pellets to get the most flavor out of their meats. You can also cold smoke with wood pellets. Flavors available range from apple wood to oak to pecan to mesquite. If you own a pellet grill, feel free to experiment with the best combination of pellets until you unlock the flavors best suited to your taste. At Pits N Grills, we have a number of pellets to choose from, providing plenty of opportunities to experiment.

Green Mountain Grills

At Pits N Grills, we carry premium blends of Green Mountain Grills’ pellets. These pellets come from an assortment of hardwoods and range in flavors found in red oak, hickory, maple, cherry, pecan, and many other kinds of wood. Green Mountain Grills only make clean, all-natural pellets that they dry in their kiln. Because they use no additives, pellets from Green Mountain Grills burn clean and add a pure flavor from the smoke of their premium blends.

BBQR’s Delight

If you obsess over achieving delicious smoky flavors ranging from apple to Tennessee Whiskey, BBQR’s Delight has the selection of pellets you need. These pellets will infuse your food with deep, rich flavors that you just can’t get from even the best charcoal or gas grills. If you want to slow cook your meat to perfection, think about using BBQR’s delight at Pits N Grills. These pellets are sure to give you an absolutely mouth-watering experience.

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No matter your barbecuing needs, you will find expert help at Pits N Grills. We sell only the highest quality grills, the purest charcoal, and the most flavorful pellets. If you love cooking with the best ingredients to bring out your favorite flavors, then please visit us at Pits N Grills. We will help you pick out the best smoker, BBQ grill, pellets, charcoal, or wood that fits your needs. If you want to learn to grill and smoke like an award-winner, you can sign up for one of the classes we offer in our indoor smoking facility. For all things BBQ, pay a visit to Pits N Grills.