All Things Fuel: Charcoal, Pellets, and Wood

We live in the Ozarks region with beautiful, mild fall evenings perfect for sitting outside on your back patio and smoking a rack of ribs or brisket. At Pits N Grills, we embrace the idea of experimenting on our grills and smokers. Expert cooking and signature flavors come with time and experimentation. Luckily, we provide a range of different fuels for you to test out. Whether you have a charcoal grill, a smoker, or pellet grill, you will find the best fuels for your cooking at Pits N Grills.


For many, charcoal is the epitome of grilling and smoking. They believe no meat could ever taste as good with any other form of fuel … and often times, it’s difficult to argue against it. Different companies make different blends of charcoal, and each type infuses the grilled food with a unique and robust flavor. Charcoal comes from wood cooked in a low-oxygen space for long periods of time, sometimes for days. This process reduces charcoal to about ¼ the hardwood’s original weight, producing irregular lumps of natural hardwood coals. The charcoal burns much steadier and hotter than the original wood, making it great for grilling meat and vegetables.


A relative newcomer for fueling barbecuing, pellets now come in all different flavors. Most people agree that they give your grilled meats a less robust and more subtle flavor. When you visit a top-quality BBQ restaurant, you’ll often find that they use wood to grill their food. Pellets are made from dried wood that is then ground and mixed with other types of wood. Wood shavings run through a compressor and come out as pellets on the other side.


The original fire, cooking or otherwise, came from burning wood, and many BBQ enthusiasts swear by the improved taste of all kinds of food barbecued over a wood fire. If you purchase a smoker from Pits N Grills, then you definitely want to check out our large selection of wood fuels. Since wood gives off a lot of smoke, they give all meat a rich, mouthwatering flavor. We offer quite a few different types of wood fuels, so visit Pits N Grills to see what we have to offer.

Find Your Favorite Fuels at Pits N Grills

No matter which type of fuel you believe produces the best flavor, Pits N Grills carries it. If you love pellets, we’ve got them. If you think charcoal trumps the rest, don’t worry. We carry several brands of charcoal, too. If you’re a purist who enjoys the smoke of wood, think of us. Stop by Pits N Grills today to see what we have to offer!