BBQ Cooking Classes

The heart of Pits N Grills is equipment and education. We want to ensure you have the tools and knowledge to become a successful Grill Master. We built a state-of-the-art indoor cooking facility where we teach you the best ways to BBQ. We offer advice and the latest tips and tricks on meat selection, grilling techniques and presentation. We welcome anyone to these classes. Whether you are a grill master or a complete beginner, you will learn something new with these Pits N Grills BBQ cooking classes.

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Mastering Brisket

If you’ve always wanted to smoke a brisket in your own backyard, this class was designed for you. With this popular class we will teach you everything from meat selection to how to prepare and smoke your brisket in a way that gives the best results. Check back for class availability.

Mastering Turkey

Have you ever wanted to become the hit of your Thanksgiving family get together by smoking a delicious turkey? If so, join us in Pits N Grills’ indoor smoking facility for expert instruction. We give you advice on the best techniques to use. Because we know how good it smells, you will get to eat the food prepared in your class. Check back for class availability.

Mastering Pork

Who doesn’t love a perfect piece of smoked pork? That melt in your mouth texture and smoke-infused flavor makes for memorable backyard BBQ. With this Pits N Grills offering, you’ll learn the best ways to get the most flavor from your pork. Check back for class availability.

Mastering Ribs

Ribs, when prepared properly, can bring foodies to their knees. If you struggle to get the meat to the perfect doneness, or if you just want to tweak your flavor, check out our Mastering Ribs class. Check back for class availability.

Mastering Chicken

From wings to drums to breasts, chicken is the meat of variety, and you need to know how to get the most out of each. Join the Pits N Grills team for a class on grilling chicken. Check back for class availability.

Cooking with Charcoal

Focus on cooking with charcoal in a way that imparts the most delicious, smoky flavors in your food. We will talk about charcoal selection and fire management. We will review many different types of meat, and we will give away samples. Feel free to bring your own beer. Cost is $35. Check back for class availability.

Ladies Night – Flip and Sip

Pits N Grills invites all ladies with limited live fire cooking experience to attend our class. This is a night for the ladies, so bring your best girlfriends and your favorite drink. We will go over the basics of fire management and grilling. Cost is $25. Check back for class availability.

Family Pizza Night

The family pizza night is a great night for the kids and the whole family. You get the opportunity to create your pizza exactly how you want it. We will cook it for you on our Big Green Egg. You get one pizza and one dessert with this class. We will provide sweet tea and juice for the kids, and you are welcome to bring an adult beverage of your choice. Check back for class availability.

‘Mastering’ BBQ Cooking Classes

At Pits N Grills, we give you all the instruction you need to become an expert grill master. Feel free to call us at 417-501-8737 to check on the latest class offerings and openings.