Any Grill Master knows the importance of having the best accessories. Whether it’s the latest technology to monitor your temps, grilling tools, a full lineup of Yeti Coolers, Shun Cutlery, Uuni Pizza Ovens, grill covers and more … Pits N Grills has the Ozarks’ most complete selection of quality accessories.

Big Green Egg

An exciting variation on a traditional grill, Big Green Egg uses a ceramic shell to lock in heat and seal in the flavor of your barbecue without being so hot to the touch that it burns your skin. The versatile Big Green Egg doesn’t stop at only allowing you to grill your food. With the correct BBQ accessories, you can bake a pizza, press calzones, and bake rotisserie chicken. At Pits N Grills we carry everything you might need to turn your Big Green Egg into a one appliance kitchen. Buy baking stones for pizzas or temperature gauges for slow roasting.


Many instantly think of Weber when they think of backyard barbecues, bratwursts, and home-cooked hamburgers. Though Weber makes the ubiquitous, small black grills found across college campuses, they also produce some of the highest-quality grills designed for propane or charcoal fuels. If you want brushes, charcoal rakes, or a compact chimney, Pits N Grills has you covered. Expanded grilling racks and thermometers will make your grilling easier and your food taste even better. And remember … as a Weber Alliance level dealer, we carry only the newest and best products the company has to offer, many of them exclusively.


Compatible for most grills, the A-MAZE-N smoker adds a robust and delicious flavor to all of your grilled or smoked foods. Originally created for foods smoked at low temperature, the latest smokers work in temperatures of up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’ve always wanted to try smoking your own cheese or meats, you no longer need to go out and buy a smoker. Pits N Grills carries the A-MAZE-N products, so you don’t have to go far or spend a lot of money to get the delicious smoky flavors you love into your home-cooked meals.

Man Law

Traditionally speaking, the man’s realm of cooking has typically centered around or began with grilling. Man Law produces most any grill and BBQ accessory you could think of. Beer Can Roaster? They make ‘em. Rib Racks? Those, too. Grill woks, corn baskets, grill-top skillets and humidifiers … we’re only scratching the surface of the innovative tools and BBQ accessories available from Man Law.

Kick Ash Basket

Tired  of removing ash from your grill?  Then check out a Kick Ash Basket. These charcoal baskets fit into Big Green Eggs as well as most other kamado style grills, and streamline the process of getting your grill up and running so you can get straight to the most important part of barbecuing—searing, slow-roasting, and smoking your favorite meats.


For grill lovers who want to create the perfect grill, Smokeware supplies all the accessories imaginable. If you need a chimney or a rib rack or just a simple, precise temperature gauge, check out Pits N Grills’ selection of Smokeware products.

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